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Led by a team of local veterans in the practical applications of AI, we are the pioneer in providing professional AI consultancy services in the Philippines

What AI means to you

How would it benefit you?


AI tools for a more interactive learning experience


A 3-hour module especially designed for top-level decision-makers in an organization. At the end of the session, participants are expected to have a succinct understanding of AI, allowing them to be able to identify how AI can be relevant to their organization as well as spearhead future AI initiatives.

AI Learn

The main educational program offered by AIPilipinas. We develop a customized training module to suit your organization’s objectives and needs. The objective of AI Learn is to equip your technical resources with the skills to design, build, and deploy AI solutions within your organization.


How to start improving your business right now?

Assess the situation

We'll review what you need and take into consideration the current standing of the business.

Interpret the data

Reading data and interpreting it are two different things. We'll organize and understand the meaning behind it.

Create the solution

We treat data with the highest regard. We'll combine our extensive internal research and your current figures to come up with the perfect resolution.

Deploy the project

Once we've gathered enough information, we'll implement the solution throughout your entire business.

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